Hello world!



To appreciate my God-given gifts

Is to use them

To explore the next thing

To further develop my inner creative spirit

To take chances on innovative items

To imagine what something will be

Or what it will look like before I put

My hands to it

To use my nimble fingers with pen, thread

And crochet nothingness

Into something unique

And perfect in my eyes

To open my heart to receive more beauty, amassing, colorful,

Soft, various patterns

To become emboldened and unafraid to venture out

Into a world unknown to me


To take my place at the creative table and make it my own

To wear creative risk-taking like a shawl draped across my shoulders

To thread silken particles through the atmosphere

And have them land gently on all mankind

To run fiercely through flower beds and lie down among

Patterns on the ground

As my soul blossoms in a garden of creativity!

               Virginia Bryan   12/13/14












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